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They entered the humble stable and gave the parents their little lamb, telling them how the angel came to them in the fields that night.

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And they stood there together, on that quiet starry night, looking in wonder at a sleeping Babe who would change the world forever. Labels: a child is born , Christmas , shepherds watch. This is what I used to tell my kids when they were young, teaching them to cross the street: Stop!

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Three important words every child needs to learn very early in life. Is that a word anymore? Are parents allowed to yell that in public? When your two year old is trying to poke the dog's eye out with a twig. Or are you now advised to ask your child if you can have the twig.

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I remember years ago when my youngest son was two and we'd gone to the playground one cloudy day. I was pushing him on a toddler swing next to three other Moms and their little ones. All the tots were giggling and squealing, when all of a sudden it began to lightly rain. As the drops became bigger and wetter, the two Mom's to my left and myself began declaring. But not so for the Mom to the right of us.

She was standing and pleading in front of her two year old daughter in the swing. So the woman stood there crying and repeating her need for permission from a two year old. I wouldn't be surprised if she's still standing there pushing that swing!

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Labels: insanity , who's the parent? Life Is Love. Life is so fragile we are all waiting to be born and held forever in the palm of God Life is so beautiful we've been given a heart that keeps the beat for all who've come before and all who have been promised Life is so magnetic attracting, holding fast the good and bad of humankind the very best and worst of us Life is purely gift forgiving one creation, leaping to another to please the smiling God whose only dream is love. Labels: gift , life , love.

Tuesday, May 10, The Visit. She picked up bits of ivory with her musing fingertips worn now from the years. A smile, soft and lovely, graced her frail and shallow face and flash-backs just like shreds of lightening. I thought that I was dreaming. You lived with us back then, Grandma, and all the while. I thought that thief was Mom! I anxiously obeyed. Then she dropped them, my tiny ivory tooth buds saved since childhood toppled in the center of my palm, "treasures, jewels" she said. Joanne Cucinello Labels: grandmother , love bond , toothfairy. This morning, I was remembering a certain Sunday long ago when I was young, sitting in Church and feeling quite alone.

The priest that day ended his sermon with these words from Isaiah He thought "I have pondered this dilemma this raucous behavior so unfitting the stature of the gods. The powers of Mars and Uranus must be tempered. I propose. I will bring forth a new goddess. There she will rise from the sea a goddess pure and fair a beauty never seen before nor known to gods or man and any who draw near her heart will be transformed.

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love Yes, even Mars and Uranus will be tamed and bewitched by her beauty and lured away from destruction which only I, great Zeus will keep in my command. One part moonbeam, two parts velvet, three parts captured curves and four parts mystery. The goddess prepared to rise with beauty culminating into softness liberated from the deep with red lips pursed and the heavens left trembling!

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Across the rivers, valleys and mountains the sound of the great sword falling from the hand of Mars drew a suspicious silence amongst the other gods. Even Uranus ceased his wild erratic lightening and together. And even mighty Zeus would have to concede, that after all these centuries. Joanne Cucinello. Labels: aphrodite , love goddess. Christine August 6, at AM. Joanne Cucinello August 6, at AM.