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Additional terms may apply to data associated with third party namespaces. Link Analysis Experimental. Network Analysis Inbound Links 1 1 Total. Shared in Network This resource is rare in the Library. Even though logistics processes are outsourced , you should still maintain a close eye on the operation. Ultimately, it is in the best interest of the 3PL to adhere to the requirements as dictated in your contract. As a result, you need an experienced and globally-known partner in logistics outsourcing with a dedicated transportation management system available, such as the Cerasis Rater.

You have the opportunity to grow your business through logistics outsourcing, but understanding what it is and how to select the best partner are essential to creating a comprehensive, bi-directional stream of profits. Get the latest industry advice on logistics, transportation management, best practices, trends, tips and more! All rights reserved.

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Most business owners and marketing managers in history would have chosen to connect with customers via the route of useful and entertaining information over simply advertising to them. Fortunately, things have changed. Ad time is still expensive, but now there are other ways to market your brand. Better ways. These days, even a small local business can harness the power of useful information and entertaining art forms to connect with their audience. Enter content marketing, the darling of digital marketing. Only that, as usual, there is a problem. When you outsource content, you hire a third-party to create content for you.

Usually, this third-party is a company or an individual who specializes in writing, designing, or producing content. Outsourcing usually means working with a provider on a project basis, rather than full time.

This is admittedly only a basic content outsourcing definition, but for our present use, it will do. By comparison, if you were to hire a team of writers, photographers, and video producers, add them to the payroll, and create a content creation team, you would not be outsourcing your content but creating it in-house. Does outsourcing your content mean taking the easy way out? Paying someone else to do the hard work for you?

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Without the hassle of creating new departments in your company? Not quite. When you outsource, you understand that paying pros to create content for you is more cost-effective and yields better results than assigning it to your team. You still retain full control over the content and can be as specific in your guidelines as you want. Because when you outsource content the right way, you create great content consistently. You deliver to your audience exactly what they need. Outsourcing content often takes the form of hiring article writing services, but there are other types of content which call for an even more creative direction, including videos and infographics.

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Hence, when you outsource, you may end up working with a video creation service, a professional video editor, an infographic designer, a web developer, and other creatives. It can get quite exciting. The benefits of outsourcing content are here to stay.

In the short-term, outsourcing builds a stronger digital marketing strategy which in turn helps spread your message and reach a wider audience. The best part? You generate more interest in what you have to offer, which often translates to more sales. When it comes to outsourcing pros and cons, the pros tend to outweigh the cons big time.

Looking at the key reasons that drive many organizations to outsource their content explains why. Lack of time is often the main reason why startups and small businesses outsource content. You cannot create enough content to cope with the demand across channels.

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In this case, not outsourcing would mean scaling down your content strategy and possibly losing traffic and engagement in the process. You have added up the numbers and discovered that the cost of producing content would be higher if you create it in-house instead of outsourcing it. Bulk article writing can help optimize content production costs. You want every piece of content you publish to use keywords effectively and make use of on-page SEO.

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The nature of your business requires that you create content quickly and link it to current trends or news. However, your team cannot generate enough content fast enough, which makes you want to consider using article writing services. You expect your content to stand out rather than simply engage users. You know that to make your content special, a fine mix of experience, creativity, and writing skills are necessary, and so you decide to solve the problem by outsourcing. You want to address your audience in a fresh and upbeat voice that establishes an instant connection but are not satisfied with the impact of your content so far.

First, you need to define your needs clearly. For example, you may need content only for some of your online marketing channels, not all. At this stage, you need to take into account all channels, which may include your website and blog, authoritative websites in your niche which are open to guest blogging, social media, and more. Look for any gaps in your content. This becomes easier if you focus on top-performing channels — those that usually require the most content.

You can do this through a survey, through a blog post that invites participation through comments, or through a newsletter poll. To encourage participation, you can offer respondents a discount, a free download, or the chance to win a prize. Having an overview of your content allows you to see the gaps and fill them.