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If you rely on a technical application for work, you may need a Mac or Windows machine. Likewise, if you're a college student who runs specialized programs or non-web-based software for exams, a Chromebook may not be a good fit. On the other hand, Chromebooks are effectively malware-free -- there's not much of an OS to even infect -- making them perfect for environments where multiple users share the same laptop.

Just sign in with your Gmail address, and you're good to go.

These products are independently chosen by our editors. CNET may get a share of the revenue if you buy anything featured on our site. If you're looking for a big display, the Acer Chromebook 15 delivers with a In addition to the supersize screen, it also has great battery life, loud speakers, a backlit keyboard and enough power to get you through the basics. Note that this is a model, but it's still a worthy budget pick in Acer's line. The Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C further expands the boundaries of what you can expect from a Chromebook in The standout feature is a terrific convertible, And like most Chromebooks, it costs hundreds less than a similarly configured Windows counterpart.

HP's x2 is a terrific laptop with a great detachable display, a keyboard that's comfortable to type on and surprisingly peppy performance. And it doubles as a fabulous standalone tablet -- thin and lightweight, responsive to touch and stylus, and perceptive to orientation. Plus -- and this is a big one -- it comes with stylus and keyboard included at a time when many premium hybrids insist you buy them separately. In January, Asus announced the Flip C Google makes its own Chromebook, of course. The Pixelbook is a sleek convertible that works as both laptop and a tablet.

Among its standout features are the sharp, bright touchscreen and blazing fast, lag-free performance, courtesy a selection of higher-end Intel processors that are about as powerful as you'll find in a Chromebook.

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Introduced in , the Pixelbook is a little long in the tooth now, and we expect Google to deliver a revamped version at some point in the near term, now that it's axed tablets from its line and gone all-in on laptops. Bottom line: You're better off waiting for a likely sequel which could come as soon as Oct. Best laptops for college students : We've got an affordable laptop for every student. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Laptops Best Chromebooks for Looking for laptop that's affordable and easy to use? Thanks for your thoughts, Keith. I feel much more reassured.

I always back up everything I write on multiple devices. And I have a little box of flash drives with my novels in a fireproof box that I can grab in an emergency. So I know what you mean about not wanting to lose hard work! Anyway, I just worked on my novel today on the Chromebook and was confused as to why there were so many delays in saving the document.

I'd type a few words and then it would freeze. Granted, it's a long file - pages - but I couldn't quite figure out what the delay was.

Restart Your Device

Maybe my Wifi isn't stable. Anyway, as you said in another comment, eventually the changes were reflected and saved, so nothing but inconvenience. I'll keep trying. Thanks again. Hey Stirling — yes, pages might be making it work a little hard. I usually limit my work to about 30, words, either two or three documents. Once in a while I have to refresh, which makes all the difference!

But mostly it's pretty stable. And no, never lost a word. Can you please explain how you break up your work in chunks to avoid the sluggish speed? I've heard of that before and don't want to deal with that frustration.

Eric, I just write until I get to about 30, words, and then I start a new document and so on. Each doc might be 8 chapters or whatever. I name the docs "Pt 1 - [Book Title]" so I can identify them easily. I find that my early beta readers like this too. It's just better to load smaller docs like this — especially when using the Google Docs phone or tablet app! Actually, I leave it as three parts in Docs, but I copy-paste all three parts into Word so I can do the final layout with page numbers, front matter, and so on. I export it from there as a PDF, and that's where my relationship with Word ends unless I need to make a change later.

You can also export directly from Docs to PDF, in which case you'd combined the three parts first Must investigate that! EDIT: Okay, just quickly investigated that, and it looks great! I never used Docs pagination before, but I need to give that a go. Very simple and clear. I could probably bypass Word from now on. Too cool! Thank you very much for your help. This solidifies my decision to get a Chromebook for my writing. Thanks again! Have no idea how much your comments help me. It was noble of you to share your experience with us.

Can you help please? Good to hear, Eric and Felix! Rhonda, the document is already saved — it auto-saves as you type. Thank you so much.

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Like most on here, I'm planning on writing a book, and I found your article very helpful. Wish me luck. Thank you so much for the tip. Google Docs.

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I would have never thought of writing my stories there. But great idea. Thanks Again. Thanks for doing the research on these extensions and presenting them so clearly. I'm not a fan of Chrome, but Wikiwand and Dark Reader could be useful for me. By the way, do you have any recommendations on how to save comments from YouTube that extend more than a screen? From recipes to DIY to politics, I occasionally would like to save a long comment. I've been making do with the scroll capture feature on my Samsung phone but would like the comment as text, not an image.

Do you know of any Android app that would provide this functionality? Regards Alisha Ross.

For the computer adventurous With that option, you lose some security of the Chromebook reverts to your general laptop security level, basically , but you gain the advantages of Ubuntu. If you favor software like OpenOffice mentioned here and the like, you now have that door open to you. I use an Acer R It's been great to travel with compared to my ThinkPad and even my AirBook. I join the chorus in saying, Thanks, for this article!

Thank you for your insightful article. Have you had any problem submitting your work anywhere due to computer 'language difference barriers? Regards, spence. Spence — no, I can't say I have! But I only write in English Thank you Keith for all the information you have provided. My question is does Google own my writing? Hi thank you for this post. I'm was just looking at a chromebook today and I wasn't sure if this would be a good purchase for me. You helped me to decide. I will start my writing. Good luck, Anonymous! I was sitting in an internet-less environment earlier today with my trusty Chromebook.

Just opened it up and carried on writing. This thing runs exactly the same as it always has — not a single problem except maybe the plastic casing around the hinges is starting to loosen though the actual hinges are as tight as ever. Love this thing.